A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

3D Battle Against Gaster.


3DTale-Gaster_V0.1.0_OSX.zip 39 MB
3DTale-Gaster_V0.1.0_X64.zip 36 MB
3DTale-Gaster_V0.1.0_X32.zip 34 MB
3DTale-Gaster_V0.1.0_Linux.zip 41 MB


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What are the minimum requirements for all 3Dtale games?

I don't have a way to test the games on different Computers to determine the minimum system requirement but.....

  • Sans as it is right now needs something in between medium to high specs on Windows.
  • Gaster is more optimized and require less resources so maybe its gonna need something from low to medium.
  • Both Games run good on most OSX computers  (except Catalina).

So the real way to know is to dowload and test em.

oh thanks, 

I tried it on a Windows 7 64-bit and it works perfectly, the one from Sans is also fine