A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

First of all you need to know that this Game Contains Spoilers of Undertale.

I made this Game to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Undertale, so I recommend that if you haven't played Undertale or you played it, but you haven't reached this specific battle go and finish Undertale first and then come back and play this game so you don't get spoiled in the process ;3

The Game is your average 3dish battle against Sans. You know, that dude, the one that'll give you a BAD TIME.

You can read an article about the Game at:


Move with WASD. Attack with Left Mouse Click / Left Control Eat Cupcake with G

PD: If you enjoyed the game and want more of it, please give it a like, share it, follow, make some streaming. And if it reaches a certain milestone of followers/likes I might consider making the whole battle.

=\_^( (8) )^_/=

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Install instructions

If you have Lagging Issues playing the game try lowering the Graphics Quality in the Configuration Screen (The first window that pops up when running the executable), if the problem persist try lowering the Screen Resolution while ticking off windowed.

If you present another kind of problem like finger bleeding sudden rage attack, head explosion or infatuation consider contacting a Dog Immediately.

=\_^( (8) )^_/=


3DTaleSans_V1.0.1_X64.zip 176 MB
3DTaleSans_V1.0.1_OSX.zip 179 MB
3DTaleSans_V1.0.1_X32.zip 173 MB

Development log


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Even if this isnt really a feature in undertale i reallly reccomend adding a block feature, as a lot of the attacks are very much too difficult.

My macOS says that this is malware and a virus so I might not play it

It's not malware. OSX pops that false positive alert for most games developed in Unity. But I understand if you don't feel like playing it.

Thanks for replying I understand now and I'll try to play it some how :)


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