A downloadable Demoness for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Aniliade the demoness has invaded your castle and ripped your soul out of your body. You need to find all the pieces of your soul in order to escape her grasps .

You have to keep an eye at your current fatigue level, if you push yourself too far you will get tired.

If you hide in closets you will recover all of your Stamina.

Version 1.1.1 ChangeLog:

  • The Player starts now with a weapon.
  • Convinced her to stay Up for the rest of the Game.
  • Key Glows in the Dark.
  • The sword goes now faster.

The Game is still in beta, but it'll be continuously improved until it reaches it apex state.

Special Thanks to Gianna Di Biase C. for making her voice.

You can follow the Development of the Game in my social media:



Controls (You can access to them by pausing the game):

WASD - Move

LeftShift (Held) - Run

F - Interact with Objects

LMouseButton - Use Weapon

RMouseButton - DropItem

Left Control - Crouch


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Aniliade_V1.1.2_OSX.zip 46 MB
Aniliade_V1.1.2_LIN.zip 39 MB
Aniliade_V1.1.2_WIN.zip 35 MB

Development log


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also. can you please fix enemy ai. add more puzzles and more deathtraps and monsters and better jumpscares and animatrion. and fix up the model too

What's wrong with her model and AI? she's perfect, anyway more monsters would ruin the story, more puzzles and deathtraps maybe on a possible sequel but not on this one.

also, some hints too. the game gets boring

One day I'll improve the Game into something more playable

i wonder if i could help with the game. i know some people who have ideas. i wonder if you have discord or not

will there be more enemies

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from germany

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She's soo cute :D, nice job dev :P

It's so wonderful that you made it to the end. I really love your vid, thank you so much :3, PD: There's a secret Somewhere in the Castle, maybe you're able to find it ;D


I miss her a lot :3, i'm going to play it again soon but this time i will search for the secret and only after finding it i will escape ;) :D. P.S i hope that you are fine, have a nice day/evening :P

:O I did it! :D Here's a video and some screenshots that i made. 

these art styles clash in a very bad way. it's not a good sign when you could replace your anatagonist with virtually any character form any of these typoes of games, and it wouldnt look out of place. but your character  DOES look out of place in her own game.

SKIP TO 23:23

Wonderful game and character :D