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The Legend of The Cursed Game

I was developing a My Little Pony Game featuring Pinkie Pie and her friends. Everything seemed alright until the demo was finished. Something feel odd in the Core Files of the game, but I didn't bother to pay attention to it so I published the build anyway. The game was running correctly until... ∞¢∞¢∞¢∞%3rRr0r%¢#∞##∞¢#∞¢up©4k3s@¢#æ¢@œ¢3rRørr梀ø≠ø Delve deep into the Cellar of Pinkamena. Look out for the Trapped Ponies while traversing the Dangers lurking within the Dark Corridors of the Dungeon. Will you Rescue them all from the Grim Fate that awaits them or will you Let them Die?

Now being serious.

Controls Left Mouse Button(On Click) - General Object Interaction / Click and Hold to carry some objects. Right Mouse Button(When Holding Object) Throw the carried object.

R- Rotate The Grabbed Object Around

W - Move Forward S - Move Backward D - Strafe Right A - Strafe Left F - "Friendship that will bring light to the darkest room" :3 Ctrl - Crouch Left Shift(Hold) - Run

If you enjoyed playing the Game or If you got some money by playing the Game and you want to share your Gratitude with Me or just because of the Kindness from the Deepest Part of your Heart (If by any chance you happen to have one). There's the link to my Ko-Fi:


Thanks, and enjoy the Game!!!

#FanGame #Survival #Horror #Pinkamena #MyLittleHorror #CupcakeParty #DeathOfTheCupcake #EightBlackey #puzzle


PPCP_V1.0.0_X64.zip 344 MB
PPCP_V1.0.0_OSX.zip 347 MB
PPCP_V1.0.0_X32.zip 342 MB
Pinkamena-TheDungeon_Android.apk 49 MB

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A fun and challenging my little pony horror game with some good scares definitely recommend a play 5 out of 5.

when i play on mac and go to the cell after taking pinkies cupcake it is pitch black and i'm not sure why. i can still interact with objects but i can't see. is there something I need to do or is it just a bug either way can you pls help me with this issue?

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you need to turn on the flashlight. press F.

Please fix to work for Android I want to play so bad but I can't move

add me on discord Jxstin#5571

i really enjoyed this game, keep up the good work dev's

Good game but scary

Wheres the control the android idk how to I play


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yeah is just for pc is only working on pc



press f to turn on the light and off enjoy 


Loved playing this game




Your gameplay was actually so smooth tho!! nice job!


WAIT U REPLIED i am honerd good sir.

Of course, lol. I try to respond to everybody.


oof i can’t get it on mobile I used to play this game on pc but my brother is using it right now


I can somehow play this on chromebook nice

what version is it you used

The latest version

the reason i asked is cause it don't work on my chromebook

i cant play


I need this for chormebook



me: no i dont want your dumb cupcake

pinky pie: im gonna put you in a dusty dumb dungeon thingy with my friends trapped there.

Took me a while but I finished it!! Thanks for the amazing (cursed) game!!


How can you get the game


really enjoyed that game, i will finish it hahaha


This game takes the cake ;)


U 'ave to Crouch otherwise you won't get through it.

Eighty blackey rainbow factory Creepypasta horror in unreal engine point a game came up with

somebody tell me how to get in to game please  I will do anything on the game

Nice Game but CANNOT even save progress!? Or just I don't know how to do that?


anyone know how to climb underneath the jail-thingy with all the pinkie boxes? lol I'm not good ay describing stuff but i watched a walkthrough thingy and i don't fit- lol i need halp. Also great game!

this game is also scary.... I LIKE IT!


I downloaded the game but when I try to open it, it says

'Couldn't locate                    C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\PPCP_V1.0.0_X32\PPCP_V1.0.0_X32\Pinkie'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

What do I do about that?




Almost shat my pants in the maze, so scary, i felt like crying when i died. great game!

lol when i enterred the room pinke was crying i grabbed the key and she got me. when i respawned she was outside of the room , i was inside and the bars on the door were there. i was stuck in the room and she was stuck out there!

Ay I already left a review on Gamejolt, but I'll just drop in to say that this is and awesome little horror experience (Coming from someone who doesn't even watch MLP). The puzzles are good, but nagivating can be frustrating at times. The enemies, sound effects, and character models are actually pretty terrifying too lol. Good job all around! I also like the fact that there are multiple endings

It was fun to play until the certain point. The maze was kinda frustrating along with constant crying sound.  But overall I liked the game. 

this was spooky 


one of my viewers asked me to play your game. Once I got the hang of it it was enjoyable. Looking forward to beating it!! 


Great update! Loved seeing this game get so much added!  


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

every time i grab the cupcake it does the creepy thing and it teleports me to a black screen with crying :


Puzzle Time!!!!


Hit F, it'll light up the screen


So how to get to the horror part? Can't seem to figure that one out :)

Default unity step and jump sounds are painful ^^


Go and talk to Pinkie Pie, click on the cupcake afterwards, then, when the screen is completely black, hit F. You'll have to move around boxes and stuff to go on and venture in the game. Hope this helped