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The Bazaar.

Oh, welcome to The Bazaar. A place where friendship flourishes and bonds are made. Here you can buy very rare items of sorts that can share with 4ll 0f y0uR fr13nds.

$$3rR0r$$ **M1Ss1G L1f3** Run while you Can ***$$$#3##2##1##...

 Fill with Joy, as you'll be able to meet The M4g1c4l P0nY Pr1nc3sS$$$###//%%.

Ready yourself, for you'll be able to solve any Friendship Problems in the way. %%路$路$路$#垄#Sh3's 4lw4ys W4tCh1nG Y0u垄#垄#垄$路///%%.

%%$$3rR0r$$$$3rR0r$$#垄##垄#d0N't TrU2t h3R L1e2$$$#3##2##1##..., do that and you'll be able to get your Magical Happy Ending.

..."S4v3 Y0urS3lf".

Now Getting Serious...

Her Game may seem to be cute and friendly, but you'll learn that she can be very Scary and Deceptive at the End.

The Game Inspired by Love Craftian Horror, Slenderman, Amnesia The Dark Descent and Unicorns of course.

The Story is intended to be split into three separate chapters and right now  only Chapter1 is Available!!!


  • A Immersive Story that you'll be able to uncover by your own.
  • some Jumpscares (don't worry, there aren't Bazillion Thousand of em) 
  • And Cute Characters (Of course they are.. After all it's a Pony Game 0W0)

The Controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Left Mouse button to Interact with Stuff and grab some things.
  • Right Mouse button while Holding Stuff to throw it.
  • Holding shift allows you to sprint. Just don't overdo it as It may come at the cost of Fatigue making you tired. If you get tired you'll have to stop and rest and your fatigue will take longer to go away.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

PopsicornsFriendshipBazaar_Chapter1_X64.zip 347 MB
PopsicornsFriendshipBazaar_Chapter1_OSX.zip 361 MB
PopsicornsFriendshipBazaar_Chapter1_X32.zip 345 MB
PFB_LW_X32.zip 380 MB

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I really wanted to like this, I really did, my friend hyped it up, saying it's creepy, it's got a great art style, and he was right
But, why is it just another collect all the things while a cheating creature chases you, and if when it catches you, you have to do the whole thing over
I streamed this game, and I have proof it cheats, I am running full speed, bobbing and weaving through trees and that thing just kept getting closer.

I guarantee if I could see behind me, that jerk is clipping right through the trees

Please, I beg that you go a different direction, I can easily see this game being a Bendy style game, or Slendytubbies 3, where you go through different objectives, meet different characters, get new quests/missions and possibly different endings
but charging money for the type of game you can play in the hundreds for free just hurts, and this game deserves more

make the coins less, like way less, 5-10 max, make them in a more path like nature leading back to Popsicorn, it will feel better to play honestly, this way you can still have an exciting and heartpounding chance, but you won't be repeating a section over and over again

i apologize for the wall of text, but i truly want to see this grow into a great game

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hey eight I love your games and I love the app games as well. but for some reason I'm interested with the game popsicorn I was wondering if you had any updates on chapter 2. I'm really interested of knowing what happened to the main protagonist.

Fun game! I'm gonna start trying to speed run it :)

Also! I plan on opening up a section of this game on speed run.com and I wish to place a 100% and an Any% category. Can you confirm how many coins there are in the chase sequence so that I can confirm this? I know you need 50 but I have collected 55 at one point trying to find all of them.

Great!!! If I barely recall there are 60 coins and 7 notes scattered around the world. Let me check the project to confirm.

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Hello! I was wondering if there are any updates on chapter two?

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Not really. The game didn't sold enough to make chapter 2. I'll make it when I get enough budget from my other games.

rainbow factory unreal engine creep things do with this rainbow factory chase after you

this game is creepy

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I beat it last night, it was a little easy I didn't actually die.. I had to restart because I alt tabbed and lost audio but it was fun. I suggest adding a zoom button if you're gonna add hidden characters. I wanted to get a better look at the character on the roof of the barn but I couldn't get close enough or the right position.

I also like how you added the notes lying around and some hidden for us to find and obtain the hidden story to it, I wasn't expecting a backstory of any kind when I first started since it was 3 bucks.

I think there may be a paper behind the barn after it turns dark but I couldn't check because the gate you added near the very end does NOTHING! The skeleton pony walked right through it and I was forced to run straight to the barn after assuming I was safe cause the gate was shut. :/

The game may be short but it's well worth three dollars, like c'mon people you act like they charged you 20 bucks for this.. Like what were you expecting some 5 hour game?

This game might be short sure, but it has story, they seemed to have their own music I think... I've never heard the song before and I've been gaming for over 14 years, character models are unique, and they're making a story for it. You know how many horror games i paid 10 bucks for just to get no story? TOO MANY!

The coin collecting was fine because you collect them surprisingly fast, the hidden notes were fine cause it gave you a story to find, and the length of the game was fine cause the Three dollar price tag with actual story.

The only changes I'd recommend in chapter 1 are editing the song that plays when the sun's out to loop better, having the gate at the end actually stop the undead ponies so that we can explore cause you only can run in a circle there you don't have many paths to confuse the undead, and adding a zoom button.

I recommended it to my buddy and Facebook page, I thought it was completely worth three bucks.

just wanna say i LOVE the concept of the enemy model speeding up with each coin you collect. idk what your plans are for the game so i can't recommend/criticize much , but i cant wait 0w0

there could be an option for stealth or combat...  just a thought ^w^


You only spent two weeks on the game? Most games take months. It felt like Slender man clone but more tedious. I hope the other chapters will not be item collection based as well. I have hopes that you will out do yourself later. Try to do something outside of the box. Something interesting and truly new. 

Thanks for your Comment and Suggestions!!! I'll try to come up with better gameplay for the future so the chapters doesn't feel boring/tedious/annoying/etc.

BTW the game was put together in two weeks (story, coding, layout, some SFX, UI) plus it was updated in another week. Also I reused most of the art that I made some months before the Jam. So, technically speaking the game was made in months and not in weeks.

=V ^(( . w . ))^ V=

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Great start on this one, I'm excited to get more of the story in the following chapters and find out what's going on in Friendship Meadows! 

to bad this game isn't on Steam. cause i'd have a better chance to buy it on there vs here on this site. i'd really love to try this game out, but unless it's made to where it's optional to give money for this. i guess i'll never truly experience it for myself. even though i never fully beaten Pinkie's Cupcake Party. i wish i could experience how this game turns out as a player and not just a watcher

This reminds me of the one pinkamena 3d cupcake game. I like it. I鈥檓 not sure if I鈥檒l enjoy buying the game though if it鈥檚 worth it :<

Unless it鈥檚 a pretty damn good game then I鈥檒l think about it for my birthday coming up!


Made a video


You did an Amazing Job finding the Note behind the barn. Thank you So Much For the Video!!! 

Enjoyed our time with the game and my brother got way more scared from it then I thought he would.

will the other 2 chapters be added to this game as updates so we don't waste our money?

Each chapter will be sold separately.

to bad this isn't one of those games where you can get it for free or decided to pay some money for it. cause i don't have money or a way to spend money to get this game to experience it

For that instance there are my other Free Games ;3

i know. but after the whole thing with Pinkie's Cupcake Party. i was curious to try this one out after i. well. i didn't see Luigikid play it. but he was the one i found out about this game


So I played this game with high hopes, "Another game by EightBlackey!" I thought. I assumed that this would be a fun horror adventure with the added bonus of having unicorns and stuff I guess. But it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. 


The first half of the game is just collecting objects to open new paths, which is fine. I didn't really understand the controls at first, and so that hindered me a bit, but once I got the hang of it it was fine. Once I went to collect my prize from the chest things abruptly changed, the sudden sound effect startled me and I was in a clearing. I knew that once I collected the coin there was no going back. Things went downhill from there. The collection of the coins was pretty tedious and overall not that fun, though I have to say after playing more the story told through the notes did keep things interesting. Still the music soon became repetitive and the enemy wasn't that engaging. I almost quit several times due to how frustrating it was. The scenery also clashed with the more cartoony character models, even if this was intentional it still is offputting and not in a good way.

This isn't to say that there wasn't anything I enjoyed. When I was looking up at the beginning of the game I spotted a cameo from anilade, so that was pretty neat. And like I said before the bits of story that I got were pretty interesting, if a bit familiar, there was quite a bit of friendship and such. And the ending was pretty nice, if a bit confusing. I wouldn't be buying any cupcakes from popsicorn. Anyways, I thought it was ok, I wouldn't say it was worth the money though. Here's to your continued success as a game developer! I hope you do well.

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K'ay pal, let's get straight to the point. 

Everything was nice and crisp with your comment 'til you mentioned it wasn't worth the money. I really don't see why should you say something like that for the following reasons:

  • First of All you grabbed a Key from the SCREAM JAM event, so you obtained the game for free (you didn't pay a single penny, not even a donation so your money wasn't at stake here).
  • The time of development for the art assets, the licenses of the software (Rytmik Ultimate is $17.99 and that was just the audio software), and even the two weeks that took to put all of that together was time I could have been doing something else, but instead I spend all of that in this thing.
  • The Overall Quality of the character models and animation is above Average (3D Art skills Required and Invested In the Product). The Story doesn't appear magically from nowhere and Music doesn't arrange itself.
  • The price is not that high you know. Just taking an example: Bendy and the Ink Machine that is 5 chapter long is $19 that means it $3.99 (almost $4) but also taking into account that the first chapter was free at some point that would mean the real price per chapter is $4.99 (almost $5). PFB - Chapter 1 maybe is not closer to the level of features that Bendy have and that's why I'm not selling it higher that $3.

Said that, don't come at me saying it wasn't worth the price dude. If you don't like the thing that's fine I don't have problem with that, but don't discourage others from buying it just because you don't like it (You didn't liked it even before you played it and you Got the Game for Free from a key that wasn't specifically for you).


I see, sorry if I offended you or anything like that. I didn't mean to devalue the time that you spent working on it, or that there wasn't a lot of effort put into the different aspects of the game.  Also you say that I "didn't like it even before I played it" and that simply isn't true. I was excited to play it! I really enjoyed Nightshade 2.5d, I thought it was very clever and an interesting concept. Everything meshed together well. I assumed that this game would be the same if not better, considering that there was a price. I know that I did get it for free,  and I was just saying that I probably wouldn't have thought it had been worth the price if I had bought it. 

It wasn't that I thought the game was overall bad, it was that the final product didn't seem to me as good as some of your previous works. Going back to Nightshade, I enjoyed that game even before the 3d section was added. It had nice visuals, a nice story, and some fun secrets. Multiple endings even! Then when the 3d section was added it became even better. The chasing mechanic was engaging because you were running down these winding corridors, being able to use the glitches to your advantage, finding keys and stuff. It was scary enough I didn't want to play it in full screen.

And of course I shouldn't compare this game's chasing mechanics directly to Nightshades, as I am sure those took quite a bit longer, but still that part of this game just felt a little empty. Sure it was pretty spooky at the start, with the pony skeleton monster literally rising out of the ground! But after that it was just them chasing you around, in a forest, for a bit too long. The story did help to spice things up a bit, but gameplay wise nothing much changed. I assumed that every 10 coins I collected the enemy got faster, mostly because of the sound effect, but even then it just felt pretty samey throughout.

I know that buying assets and the like can be expensive, I have spent quite a bit to get various things from the unity asset store. But also, you would most likely use them in multiple projects, unless you bought them for one specific purpose never to use again, which I assume isn't the case. I know that 3d modelling takes a long time, as I have tried to make models for some of my previous projects, though to very limited success. The character models were a  great part of the game, much better than anything I have ever done. Though I also would assume you would at least reuse Popsicorn in later chapters. As for the bendy comparison, well yeah, that is actually pretty fair. I didn't really make the connection, with the pricing I mean.

Also, the music.  The music did a good job of setting the tone when you were just walking around, giving off a bit of a foreboding vibe even as it seemed cheerful. And even though it did seem to get quite repetitive when you got to the running section, maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea, and others would enjoy it better than I. I also know that music takes a lot of time, as I have composed a soundtrack for one of my previous game jam games, and am currently trying to make some other music. So yeah, music is hard.

Sorry if this was a bit long, I just wanted to try and address the points you made. And like I have said previously, I am excited for your future projects, you seem to have a real talent for 3d modelling, and most of your games have quite interesting story's. At the end of it though, I just don't want to come off as cold, like I don't get that game development does take a lot of time, effort, and money. Once again, sorry if I struck a nerve. Hope you continue to make great games!

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This game seems all cut and cuddly. But there is a twist. 

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This game looks so good, the unicorn looks crazy and cute, I can see lot of love and time was put on this game, I will bay it as soon as I can...(edit) done! I love it, how something so cute can be so scary?!!!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but there might be some spooks. I would totally buy this, but money is expensive, you know? Looks pretty cool though, might purchase it later down the line. I guess I will wait to see what other people think first. Good job on stuff I guess.

Yep, Indeed there are some Ghosts in here, so now you know 0W0. Also, I'll add the game to the Halloween Sale, making the price more accessible if you want to get it there. Thanks for the feeling!!! 


This looks awesome! ^^

Thanks, It means a lot!!! ;3


You're welcome! I'm definitely gonna play this! ;3