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The Classic Witchmare Game has made it's debut into PC with improved graphics and full controller support.

A short game with Four Dungeons with randomly generated keys to find filled with jumpscares and spoopyness.


Now a short note on the serious side:

I made Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Party back in the day with all my effort and LOVE. It was my first game and it took me more than 2 years to Solo Develop it with the moral support of my friends Stringsy, El Derpo, CalHob, MrYossarian and the Guys at the Land of Strings Discord Server (Big shout out to them right here). I had almost no experience with Unity Engine and the budget was less than 3 dollars (Thanks to the only Patron at that time: Grento, for that contribution). However I kept going despite the unfavorable odds and finished Cupcakey Party as it is right now. The game had a favorable reception over the Youtube community and had million of views at the time (Not that the actual game had a lot of downloads despite of being a free game and still I didn't earned anything from that game).

After that I tried to pave the way for mobile development builds so I  released an early prototype game: Pinkamena - The Dungeon. Unfortunately Google took that game down because of Pinkie Pie being in a violent scenario (There wasn't that much violence in that game just Pinkie Pie chasing the player with a knife but parents complained anyway). In order to keep all the hard work invested into that game I had to replace Pinkie Pie with my Original Character: Witchmare, the evil entity that lurks in a dimension of my Verses similiar the backrooms that exists in between dreams and reality. I added 3 more dungeons and called that game finished and now I'm releasing the game for PC with High Quality Textures and Lighting for you.

So If you like my work I really encourage you to buy this game so I can keep making more games of my own.

Eight Blackey 

=\ ^((8))^ /=


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Very cool!